Monday, February 11, 2008

It's Like It Knows You Deep Down Inside

The Mob Nickname Generator.

Brought to you by Grant "The Butcher" and Dave "20 Eyes" Barry.


messiah said...

gah... i want a refund. surely my mob nickname can't be: Dreamboat

of course if i go with my nickname, it get's better.

nickname only: The Spaniard
nickname + last: Killer

metalmom said...

I am "the Merciless"


Doug Murata said...

I'm either Doug "The Heartbreaker" Murata, or Douglas "No Mercy" Murata.

I like 'em both!

~Deb said...

THE GIMP???????????????????

Now go to my blog and clean the mess you made dammit!

I'm going postal today!

Losing all my Christianity!

Kira said...

Oh my god. I'm "The Waterboy." Does that make me Adam Sandler?

Joe said...

Cedar Teeth?!? Really?

Besides, I think that was already George Washington's nickname.

Alternatively, I'm known as "No Thumbs" likely in reference to my monkey-like inability to function.

~Deb said...

I entered your name, Grant and it said, "Wacky Wassabe Wannabe".


This site really does know us!


Spider Girl said...

"The Mortician" (yes, yes, alternative career choice, any friend of mine could tell you that.

Alternatively, using my nickname, the mob could refer to me as "Fancy Pants".

I think I may be giving off mixed vibes.

グラント said...

messiah - maybe you could modify it to "Call me Dreamboat and I'll eviscerate you".

metalmom - we all knew that. What's your mob nickname? :p

doug - maybe you could mix'n'match - "No Heart" or "Mercy Breaker".

~deb - yessss. Join the dark side. Feel your hatred flowing through you.

kira - yes, you are officially Adam Sandler. Try another version of your name or you won't be invited to join my mob.

joe - at least you can keep smiling and now worry about moths eating your teeth. That may explain why I have so many cavities.

gimp - I entered your name and it returned "Grant's Analsex Toy". Uncanny. :p

spider - maybe you could mix and match and become "The Fancy Mortician." Your specialty could be making corpses look natural and totally gay.

Patti said...


I am ... get ready...

"Fancy Pants". I love it!