Monday, February 11, 2008

Final Greetings

Thank you for your input on my introduction cards. (If you didn't contribute, may the wrath of Moovulon - hell demon dairy products - sour the milk in your next latte.) I have no prizes to give and in all likelihood I'll buy a different card the next time just to experiment, but I like the comments so keep them coming.

I am probably going to toss Card 4 instead of use it. It looked nice online, but in reality it looks cheap, which it is - it cost less than the other three from a different company. The card is uncoated and so scuffs easier than the others, plus I noticed it is slightly smaller. VistaPrint, the printer, is a Canadian outfit and so probably provided me with a metric card. Since I intend to whip it out of my pants to try to impress Japanese hotties, the last thing I need is for everyone to notice that mine is smaller. Also, they are printed on thinner card stock. The carrying case I bought from them said it should hold about 10 cards. It holds 11 of theirs or 9 of the others, so that averages out to be correct.

The other three came from Prints Made Easy. They're a little more expensive, but the printed side of the card is coated (you can still write on them, but the artwork is protected), they look more professional, and they are the standard American size instead of flaccid Canadian. Card 3 was my initial favorite, but I come packing my own creepy vibe™ and don't need any assistance from that eyeball. Card 2 is bold and memorable, but it's uglier in reality. Both are striking, but they'll be remembered for the wrong reasons. I think it's better to go with classy and understated. Card 1 is simple but elegant, and the single red dot floating in the blue dots makes me think of purity stained by blood.

Or maybe I should give each J-hottie all four and ask for feedback. "Which of these makes you want to have sex with me?"


Kerry said...

I think crips clean cards are the best!

#4 isnt bad. #1 is good too.

The last one, might not be a good choice! lol

Doug Murata said...

Find a group of four J Hotties and say you've got one for each of them. Reach into your pants with a sly smile on your face. See what happens from there.

SSC said...

What are J hotties?

グラント said...

kerry - crips cards? You think I should list my gang affiliation?

doug - first I'll need to learn the Japanese words for "restraining order". That I haven't been taught them already shows how useless my lessons have been.

ssc - J is short for Japanese. You'll see Doug and I use it alot.

Patti said...

Ha you listened to me and the Peanut Queen... admit it!