Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Today's post is being delayed due to a heavy workload and now a power outage. That's right - I can still use my computer and access the Internet without electricity, but everything else is on hold, like the dinner I partially made. Now I have to put away the ingredients and scrounge for something that doesn't require cooking in the dark. In the meantime, I added a couple of items to the sidebar: the hypnotoad, and 7:35 in the Morning. VISIT BOTH NOW! 7:35 is especially good, and I would use it as a way to ask out Emi-san if I hadn’t already used the idea once on my formerly beloved NBD.


Mel said...

My internet doesn't work without power. :(
But yay for you -

SJ said...

Huh? I thought the USA was a first world nation. Anyway welcome to the third world.

When the power goes off my laptop continues to work on batteries however my modem gets switched off.

SJ said...

And Gomennasai means? Feck off?

The Stiltwalker said...

uh, I didn't see any links. Or am I stupid? Oh yea, what does gomennasai mean???? "I Love Sj"

Avitable said...

I learned the hard way after a hurricane that you cannot grill a frozen pizza.

So be forewarned.

messiah said...

master of suspense... ha.
freakin' master of delay.

Grant said...

mel - I have a battery backup so at least my PC won't crash.

sj - we've lapsed into a 1.3 world nation.

sj - it's one of the many ways to express sorrow in Japanese. Sensei hasn't taught us "feck off" just yet.

stiltwalker - the new links are in the sidebar.

avitable - I realized last night that I don't have a single thing that can be eaten without applying heat. I'm going to invest in some emergency Sterno tonight.