Thursday, March 30, 2006

Quik Note*

I slightly modified the title of my blog because the word "Random" has become too ubiquitous in blog descriptions (yeah, I'm looking at you, Joe). Even though I invented the use of Random (shortly after I created blogging, not long after I, not Al Gore, created the Internet), the rest of you poseurs and copycats have ruined the effect by turning it into a cliche, and therefore I hate you.

Also, I'm thinking of investing in a professionally designed template. Any recommendations?

*You know this is quick because I didn't have the time to type the "c" in "quick" in the post title.


~Deb said...

Random/rants/ramblings/mumblings/spews/etc... It's all about the religion of bloggerism.

Blue said...

I don't care what you call it so long as you keep discombobulation - its one of my favourite words.

I think perhaps an asian theme for your blog no?

ManNMotion said...

I thought Chuck Norris created the internet?

Nobius said...

I had someone design my basic template and then I've of course tweeked and added to it from there.

For you, I suggest a template with a brimstone motiff.

We all know you're going to hell.


Liz said...

Sherry has gone through a bunch of different templates. You might want to check out her sight for links.

poody said...

I like rainbows and unicorns for you Grant

Kira said...

Bunnies. Lots of bunnies. And then, the last bunny should be beheaded.

Grant said...

~deb - Bloggerism. Is that your new religion? Do I have to tithe?

bluebolt - I'm thinking Satanic anime.

mannmotion - Chuck's been ripping me off for years. I invented karate.

nobius - I'm not only going there, I've already reserved my room.

liz - thanks. Hopefully Sherry won't flee in terror if I visit her. If she does, I'll blame you.

poody - I like unicorns. They taste like chicken.

kira - I like bunnies. They taste like dentists.

Anonymous said...

i'm sick of musings, thoughts, lives and blogs of people. Not that they're bad titles in themselves, for all those who do use one of these titles, they're just so common!

Sherry said...

Oh heck no...
Don't visit me!
And surely don't look at my template design.
I'm trying to figure out how to do my own and well, it's about to kick my butt.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

No clue about the new template...I'm still trying to find my very own "special" one.

I think yours should have beer cans, japanese goddesses and ninja bunnies on it....with maybe a crazy neighbor image thrown in there to make the rest of us bloggers with no crazy neighbors realize just how lucky we are every day...:)

Joe said...

How interesting....because just this morning I'd changed my blog title to Discombobulating Thoughts...

I guess I have to change it back now.

PBS said...

You must have invented the term "grant" too, bet the non-profits are grateful.

pink said...

I think it might look cool.Maybe Japanese with atomic bunnies and you in that loin cloth.

Seven said...

A big picture of God on his throne with rainbows in the back; maybe some massage music playing in th ebackground will suit you fine. BTW: I used Baby Jane Blogs.

Grant said...

aka fatty - unlike "The Notorious Fatty" which is highly original. :) (Note - that wasn't meant to sound sarcastic - your blog title is cool and original)

sherry - I checked out your designs, and they look good. I've got the programming chops to do my own, but I'm not much for artistic composition.

pq - I'm working on it. I think "Satanic Anime" will be my theme, but I'm still looking for images.

joe - just for fun, start posting as "Grant" so Okami will love me. But if she's not Asian, you can keep her.

pbs - I used to have a boss who said "granted" a lot while talking on the phone. It always made me look over to see if she needed me.

pink - the loincloth had to go. It made me look like a gay S&M fetishist.

rick - I looked at BJ's site, but then I felt like an idiot for even thinking of paying a person to design my blog template when I have a degree in programming.