Sunday, December 25, 2005

Fuck you, Jebus

I've had a slight change of heart. I went out for the second traditional steak and shrimp holiday dinner at Denny's. Long story short I spent an hour reading and then left when they took another guy's order before mine within minutes of his arrival and then left me sitting at the counter next to him. They did drop by at the half hour point and said they would be with me shortly, but that was the extent of attention I received. I e-mailed in a complaint, like that's going to do any good, and then returned home to revive another tradition I said would not become a tradition - scrounging for something edible in the pantry on the holidays when almost everything is closed. Once again I found myself having kimchee flavored noodles for the holiday. Tidings of comfort and joy, my fecking arse.

I've tried to maintain the holiday spirit year after year, at least longer than any sane man would. I'm throwing in the towel this year. Christmas is nothing but a time of greed, inconvenience, and fundamentalist whinging. Happy HKRXmasux to you all!


Just Some Gal said...

The line at Denny's was 2.5 hours long today.

On any other day they almost have to lasso you to put up with the toothless waitresses & burnt coffee!! (both of which I don't mind because at least I didn't have to cook it)

I'm sorry it was a shitty evening Grant. I never truly even felt any spirit this year unless it was contained in a bottle.

Liz said...

Drove by IHOP and it was packed too. Sorry you missed out on the steak and shrimp. Maybe next time get a really good tv dinner just incase. Sadly I do think some tv dinners are really good. Remember I don’t cook.

VomitGod said...

Jesus Christ, Grant! You're going to hell, and I hope you're proud of yourself! :)