Thursday, November 25, 2004

Time to Give Thanks

Thanksgiving dinner this year consisted of kimchee flavored noodles, popcorn, a leftover Halloween Snickers bar, and a Mountain Dew. I have decided that this will not be a new tradition, and I plan to plan better for HKRXmasux and future holidays.

In keeping with the spirit of the holidays, let me say that I am thankful for the following:
  1. My mother is feeling better, and seems to have completely recovered from her heart attack.
  2. And I did not have to visit her this holiday.
  3. Satan Sue, who has become my new constant companion.
  4. I live in a fantastic country despite (or possibly due to) a lot of morons who had the audacity to not think like me and vote for Dave Barry.
  5. My new job which finally moves me out of the administrative field and into programming.
  6. My friends, none of whom is half as cool or happy as me.
  7. All the nice people I've met online who take the time to read this blog and leave comments.
  8. And the rest of you can roast in Hell.

Thankee, out


Nobius said...

Sounds like good things to be thankful for. Happiness is definitely a state of mind in most cases. BTW, want to trade links with me?

"I'd love to love the world again; for the very first time." --Nobius Black

Anonymous said...

I love it!! Your list that is. Happy Thanksgiving Grant! :)

the phantom said...

great list, grant. and i am happy to say that i will not be roasting in hell, as i am an avid reader :) have a great holiday!

Sarcasmo said...

Happy HKRXmasux!

Grant said...

Thanks for the kind words, everybody. Hippy Turkey to alla y'all.

Nobius - I already added a link to your blog before I got your comment. Feel free to add mine to yours.

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