Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Countdown to Oblivion

NaNoWriMo is fast approaching, and I have yet to finish the book I’m currently writing. It’s going to be close. I sense two chapters remaining, but they seem to be taking a little longer than I had hoped. I’ve been writing around 2,000 words per day, but the story just won’t stop. Part of me wants to interrupt the flow and just kill it (“And then, suddenly, everybody died.”) but I know better than to do that. Oh, well. Bring on the beer!

The NaNoWriMo challenge should be a tough one. I’m writing enough now to barely meet the goal, but that will allow for no days off. Germs, germs, go away, come again some other day (like in December). Maybe what I need is more motivation. There should be some punishment for missing the goal. Suicidal tendencies seem to be all the rage on the net lately, so why don’t we band together and form a suicide pact? Or maybe a homicide pact? Or maybe a drown our sorrows in ice cream and booze pact?

I don’t know about the rest of you wusses, but Uncle Grant is taking this challenge seriously. I hereby pledge that if I don’t meet the 50,000 word goal by midnight on Wednesday, November 30, 2005, I will fling myself off my balcony. Whoever happens by my place can finish the book I leave displayed on the computer monitor. Help yourself to the pretzels, but I’m taking the beer with me.

Note – I guess I can’t, technically, call it a balcony since I live on the bottom floor, but the ground slopes away pretty sharply from the patio and if I leap far enough and land poorly enough I may just twist an ankle. Besides, if I leap multiple times the cumulative effect should be fatal.

Death, out


annush said...


you are taking the beer with you? please tell me youa re going to drink it first!

sands of time said...

Im not coming round your place if you dont leave any beer.Will the book which im positive you'll finish in time be on there for us to read it after.I have been reading things on that site.I did like your short story had a good twist at the end.

green said...

Not to criticise your writing, since I wouldn't know anything you've written (other than the blog) but is the book a better read when you're sober or with a belly full o' beer?

Since you're not leaving any, can I bring my own?? I guess it doesn't matter, anyway... ;>)

Valkyrie said...

Did you just refer to yourself in the third person?

Grant said...

annush - yes, I plan to drink all the beer first before flinging myself off the balcony (patio). That's how I'll have the courage to jump.

pink - I won't be posting the book on any site. Unless I hate it, I plan to eventually submit it for publication. I'll send copies to the usual suspects if you want to read it.

green - all things are better on beer.

r - yes, he did.