Friday, October 28, 2005

Concerning Grant

In case you've read my blog and have wanted to know more about me (not that I'm particularly shy about personal details), I think this cartoon probably sums me up better than anything else. If you have more questions, just comment or e-mail me and ask.

If you’re not interested in me, feel free to skip this post.

- edit -

I keep hearing a voice speaking my name into my right ear. It's either an auditory hallucination, my cubicle is haunted, or my coworkers are messing with my head. Just to be safe, should I slaughter them all?


annush said...

hahaha on the cartoon...just as i suspected!

and yeah...slaughter them just in case.

Weary Hag said...

Kill the bastards!

And yes... the cartoon, funny as it is (and oh it IS that) didn't reveal anything about you that I didn't already know.

Wonderful cartoon! Now don't you have some killing to do outside of your cubicle?