Friday, September 02, 2005

More Boring Katrina Blogging

Info begged away from Gib.

Today I made a donation to the Humane Society of the United States to help the pets orphaned by Katrina and abandoned by their families. I fully support the HSUS despite their dedication to nonviolence. Oh, well. More victims for me. Click here to donate to their Katrina disaster relief fund, or don’t and risk the wrath of Zorzan.

Hearing of orphaned animals is sad, but much worse was the footage I saw last night of a fuzzy little dog politely sitting up and begging to be let on an evacuation bus that didn’t allow canines. I mostly understand the officials’ need to value the human lives above their doggy counterparts; dogs don’t pay much in taxes after all. What I don’t understand are the families who claim their pets are members of the family and then abandon them on the roadside to get on the first transport out of town. Note – the dog in the news clip had belonged to the family for nine years. Apparently Fluffy is a member of the family until it becomes inconvenient, and then Fluffy’s love isn’t worth a bullet to put her out of her misery. As much pity as I felt for the deserted pets, I felt more rage against the pusswad owners that couldn’t be bothered to seek a better alternative than just leaving their pampered animals on the roadside in an environment where they can’t survive without human help. These people should be taken to the rear of the bus, executed, tossed out the back door, and be ground into puppy chow for all the discarded pets.

But since I have to work today and can’t be there to exact biblical vengeance, I made a donation in my former dog’s name.
RIP, furball.


Valkyrie said...

Yet another reason why I like animals more than people.

annush said...

dude you gotta stop writing posts like that one or people are going to think you are a softie!

Libélula said...

So what if you're a softie...makes you sexier!!!

P.S. Your doggie was adorable!!!

Weary Hag said...

I used to think you were just a hardass. Now I realize you're a heartass too. Nice.
Your old doggie reminds me somewhat of my ex-beagle. Definitely snuggable.