Thursday, August 25, 2005

Developing Powers Update

Since starting the food experiment which has become part of my everyday life, I have been tracking the progress of my energy levels and also a few (kinda sorta) super powers I have developed, leading to the creation of my alter-ego Zorzan (or Zorzan the Indefatigable if you have the time). Not only have I developed heightened endurance, an indestructible head, and super strength (focused in my lower back only), I have recently discovered two new powers to add to the list.

1) Sensitivity to sugar. Now I can tell if a food has a large amount of added sugar just by taste. This may not sound highly impressive, but I’m not just talking about sweets. Anything I bite into sends a warning jolt through my tongue into my brain if the manufacturer secreted sugar inside. Recent discovery – Sonny’s Smokin’ BBQ sauce made my sugar sense tingle, even over the jalapeno peppers. Sure enough – not the main ingredient, but high on the list.

2) Resistance to static electricity. This one is a real bonus. I’ve always been highly susceptible to static electric shock to the point where I habitually tap any metal in sight to bleed off the excess charge. I’ve even learned what hurts the most: painted metal is bad, powder coated is worse, and chrome or water is the worst. Actually the worst is touching some piece of electronics while I’m fully charged, like a TV or VCR; the resulting shock is bad enough to numb my arm up to the elbow. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I noticed last week, during one of my usual shock treatments – getting out of the car – I touched the car door and felt nothing at all. Since the first time I’ve tried a few experiments to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. Wearing the same gym clothes as the last time I was electrocuted, I worked out on a powder coated treadmill that used to shock me every time I touched the hand rails, about every five seconds. This time I went a half hour without receiving a single tingle.

So, now I can lift huge amounts with my lower back, track hidden sugar by taste, bash things with my head, stay up late with no ill effects, and shrug off static electric attacks. As soon as the mind control and pyromancy abilities kick in (I’m sure they’re coming) I’ll be in business.


Ddot the King said...

Hey Grant. Thanks for stopping by. I have you bookmarked now. You seem to have a pretty cool blog so I will definitley be back and please feel free to check me out!

Malia said...

I wonder if it is a Georgia thing. I get shocked a lot too. I wish that would go away for me. I hate it!!


Nobius said...

Hmm maybe I will check out your diet plan.

As long as I don't have to lose the caffeine. :)

Libélula said...

This used to happend to me a lot...whenever me and my best friend would bump elbows, I would get shocked like I would by opening a refrigerator while standing barefoot over a puddle of was weird!!!

annush said...

I have sugar sensitivity too. My explanation is that I went without sugar for so long that now it's like a poison. so weird.

I'm still waiting for mind control...if you figure out how to get that going, let me know. In the meantime I"ll settle for my pretend occlumency.

sands of time said...

I need the sugar for energy.You can give me the names of the high loaded ones and ill eat them.

Weary Hag said...

I cut back my sugar intake by at least half a long time ago. Since I have, I notice high sugar foodstuffs too. It makes me get jaw-ache... you know that sensation you used to get from sour drops ... way in the back of your jaw near the joint? Ouch.