Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Turkey Day

My impromptu blogging hiatus is at an end. Now that I have a real job (not a good one, but one that requires my presence and some actual work) blogging will be lighter than before, but I'll try to post every day or two.

My mother is feeling better than before her heart attack, and her energy has returned. She called me this morning to wish me a happy thanksgiving and remind me of some of her values (kill the abortionists in the name of Jesus, Saving Private Ryan should have been broadcast everywhere uncut although she didn't want to watch it, people who use foul language in public should be imprisoned, etc.). At least she's feeling better.

True to form, I was busy focusing on the day-to-day details of my life to worry about Thanksgiving, so now I find myself with no meals planned and most restaurants closed. I surveyed my kitchen and found that in my pantry I have two jars of salsa but no chips, two packages of spaghetti but no sauce, three packages of Nong Shim noodle bowls, peanut butter, popcorn, Cheez-its, chicken noodle soup, and a garnet yam. My refrigerator holds beer, sodas, mustard, and leftover rice and chili. The freezer contains frozen packs of vegetables (black-eyed and green peas, corn, and a squash mix) and the following frozen dinners: beef lasagna, shrimp fried rice, jambalaya with sausage, and vegetarian shepherd's pie. And I still have leftover Halloween candy strewn about the apartment. None of this sounds appealing.

It's my first Thanksgiving here, so it's time to make some new traditions. Satan Sue and I are off to the gym, then maybe I'll try the Kimchee flavored noodle bowl while watching Monty Python's Flying Circus. I'll come back and post what I'm thankful for later.

One final note - I haven't been blogging it, but I'm still on track with my writing goal for 2004. It's going to be close, but I think I'll make it.

No turkey, out


Rys said...

Hey Grant- I wanted to say happy thanksgiving to my favorite Southerner. I'm surprised you havent' found a Friendly's or Denny's to eat - thats where my brother and his ugly she-beast are dining! Anyway happy turkey day!

Grant said...

I've never heard of Friendly's, but I did consider Denny's or IHOP. I think in the future I'll just try to be better prepared. Besides, for some reason sitting at home with almost no food in the house reminded me of a lot of things I have to be thankful for, namely a life of comfort and convenience.