Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Return to Normality

I'm back from Nashville yet again. My mother has recovered from her heart attack although she is still in some pain from her operation. She still has more procedures, prescriptions, and hospital visits in her immediate future, but all are things that can be handled at her local hospital. Before taking her home, we went for lunch at a nice place called Legends (a real diamond in the rough) in Shelbyville, TN, which she found especially good since she had only eaten hospital food for the past week. Side note - I have a theory that hospitals serve meals originally rejected by airlines.

Thanks to everyone who posted your sympathies and support. I really appreciate it. As for the rest of you, I know where you live.

Writing and blogging should resume tomorrow (promise).


Amber said...

glad she's ok!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! and I am also glad your mother is slowly recovering. :)