Monday, November 01, 2004

Brief Return

My mother is doing better, although still very weak. She should be released within the next couple of days so I can return to Nashville, drive her back here until she feels better, then take her home. In additional to the internal bleeding (which they fixed) and heart attack, she's been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver, an incurable ailment. They've ruled out drinking and hepatitis as the possible causes, but still don't know the reason. The doctors told her she had about five to ten years left.

In other news, Halloween must have been celebrated here on Saturday while I was out of town. I only had two trick-or-treaters on Sunday, a pair of boys who arrived just as I was about to turn off the patio light. One was dressed as the killer from Scream, the other didn't bother with a costume (the costumed kid was the only one with a bag, collecting for both). If I had known they would be the only two, I would have just dumped the candy bowl into his sack. I wonder if I can freeze the rest of the stuff until next year? Maybe we can encourage people to go trick-or-treating on Xmas. That way we can get rid of unwanted gifts and leftover turkey/Halloween candy.


the phantom said...

grant, my heartfelt best wishes go out to you and your mother. stay strong!

Anonymous said...

Ali @

Sending you positive energy ur way, to you and your mother. :D