Friday, September 24, 2004

The Quest has Ended

I have found Mountain Dew Pitch Black due to a suggestion from the phantom that I look in Eckerd, a drugstore chain (never heard of WaWa). I had considered that earlier since there is one near my favorite beer store run by a hot Asian mother/daughter team, but I don't normally shop at Eckerd because 1) their selection generally pales compared to most grocery and discount stores, b) their prices are much higher, sometimes 3x what you would pay elsewhere, and third) customer service moves at the pace of an arthritic tortoise on barbies (her name is Flerp).

I bought my beer from the older hottie (younger hottie was off today), and swung by Eckerd's. After perusing the almost nonexistent supply of Pepsi products in the food section, I checked the 20 ounce drinks in the cooler and - Cazart! Success! The great white hunter can return home triumphant, which is good because I get to put this thing to behind me before it really does turn into some kind of obsession. The sign also advertised LiveWire, which they didn't have. No quest there - I've had LiveWire and it's my favorite orange drink, mainly because it's one of the few that has caffeine.

Anyway, I went to the front and joined the hunt for a cashier. Flerp was working the photolab at the time, and said she would ring us up there. I stood behind a woman buying hair coloration products, carrying a host of coupons. We watched Flerp cut film for awhile, then she attended Dye Job. By the time she finished scanning the items, properly clipping away the edges of the coupons and filing them, and figuring out how to handle a cash transaction, my PB had grown warm. She scanned my soda, then took several moments to turn it this way and that, finally exclaiming "Oh! It's black grape." Yes it is, Flerp. And now it's warm.

I came home and stuck it in the freezer, writing this while it chilled. And now for the big moment. Will it rock? Will it suck? And the answer is...

Eh. Not bad. Not great (MD regular is still king), but not bad. I would recommend this as a substitute for a regular grape soda. It should complement any cheeseburger or bag of microwaved popcorn. It would probably taste best over ice. So, my preferences from the MD lineup (best to worst) are Mountain Dew, LiveWire, Pitch Black, Code Red, tapwater, vomit, and Baja Blast.

BTW, I checked the label and MDPB does contain the minimum recommended amount of caffeine and brominated vegetable oil, two things every growing boy needs.

Victorious, out

P.S. The more I drink this, the less I like it. It doesn't change my preference order, but I think I'd rather have a grape Nehi.

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Rys said...

Mountain Dew Pitch Black has been located in Brooklyn at Hollywood video (kind of like a low budget Blockbuster video) - I'm getting it tomorrow!