Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Hunt for Pitch Black

Day 5: a friend of mine told me he called his local Target and they claimed to stock Mountain Dew Pitch Black. Not so at my Target. I may have to make a special trip across town if this continues. I rechecked Publix (only because I needed cough drops), and found they have a fresh infusion of Pepsi Products for this week's sale. Just not the one I'm looking for.

The Sublime Flamingo reported finding it with no problem, especially since she wasn't looking for any, but didn't buy some on the grounds she believes MD to be, and I quote, "puke." The hunt continues.

I will not be denied, out

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the phantom said...

going out on a limb here, do you have any Eckerd or WaWa chains near you? both carry it in large quantity here in Delaware.