Thursday, September 16, 2004

Back to basics

Well, brush with the law incident number two has been detailed, for which I received very few comments, most of which were concerned with a grammatical error I made in the first section. So, to my faithful readers, allow me to say - :P

Today's topic, in the hopes of generating more comments - Mountain Dew rules!

MD, out


Lor said...

I didn't even get what the grammatical error was... :P

And... I dunno, I couldn't think of anything to say in response to those posts. :P

I love Mountain Dew. :)

Frogstar said...


Grant said...

Shhh...don't give out the secret ingredient, Sublime.

Ash said...

Mountain Dew is icky, man.

Rys said...

I love Mountain Dew!
Original -neon green lemon lime that looks like you could mop your floors with it.
Code Red- Cherry flavor - introduced summer 2001.
Livewire- Orange - introduced summer 2003
After Dark - Black grape -only available until Halloween 2004.
Like I said, i love Mountain dew