Thursday, September 02, 2004

Dinner Discussion

A snippet of conversation from last night at The House of Chan:

My Friend: I love rice. I'd eat it all the time if it wasn't so unhealthy.
Me: Right. That explains why the Chinese are so fat, unlike us slender Americans.

The funny thing is that his attitude is very commonplace. These days I'm always hearing that rice, potatoes, and pasta are bad for you. Have we grown so healthy that we need to attack grains and vegetables now, or have the latest fad diets made us so obsessive with healthy carbohydrates that they've forgotten the things we used to worry about, like booze and chocolate and mozzarella sticks. There's a diet food for you - battered cheese fried in grease and dipped in ranch dressing. I can feel my arteries hardening as I blog this.

Rot in Hell, Atkins.


the phantom said...

i don't know if he is rotting in hell, but i do know he is currently rotting!
fad diets help lend credibility to the all too common perception that americans are, in fact, stupid.

Frogstar said...

Chinese aren't skinny because of the rice - they are mostly skinny because the majority don't have enough food to eat. Which is also the explanation for why those of Mandarin descent are so short.