Wednesday, September 01, 2004

My Week at Work

Very briefly, here are some highlights of my last week at work (actually last two weeks):

Two weeks ago, some of my bosses (I have five) decided that I could handle processing payments for a company that does not do business with our area. They decided this because it involved designing and running a custom report, and I know how to do database queries. They later decided that I shouldn't be doing queries, and they assigned the design to someone else (I would still be running it after it was created).

The programmer came back a few days later with a query that didn't meet all of my requests, claiming (in a teleconference with those same bosses) that what I asked for was impossible. After the meeting, she handed the project back to me and asked that I do whatever I wanted to it. I changed it to do what I wanted in thirty minutes, but knowing office politics (never make the IT people look bad) I sat on it for another week and played online games, blogged, and hunted for a better job.

Today we implemented the query I altered, and the programmer asked if I would give her some lessons. I agreed, then went home for lunch and took a nap (which I frequently do) except I slept longer than normal and finally returned to work two and a half hours later. One of my bosses (not one of the ones involved with the other query) called me into his office almost immediately. I thought I had finally gotten into trouble since I frequently show up for about five hours of my eight hour day, and do less than thirty minutes of work even then. Instead, he had a job offer for me. Without even knowing what had transpired with the other programmer and boss people, he had talked to a boss of another department and found they have a job opening doing what I've been doing and not supposed to do, only this job would allow me to officially do what I've been doing and with a pay increase.

We'll see. I've had promising offers made here before that vanished like a fart in a hurricane, so I'm not holding my breath.

Whatever, out

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