Friday, September 03, 2004

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Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately. My normally boring job suddenly got very interesting this week when a) many new changes to our procedures/computer systems were implemented and b) none of them actually worked. So, I've been busy running reports, analyzing for errors, helping to correct errors, re-running reports, finding new errors, re-re-running reports, and so forth.

I put in for a job (programming, so-called entry level which requires 3 years previous experience) with the state government on Monday. I spent the previous weekend hunting down every bit of information they asked for, filling out an eight page online application, another eight page special application for programmers, and then mailing in a copy of my Army release papers so I would supposedly get some special treatment for being a veteran. In a rare show of efficiency, they immediately sent me a notice today saying they weren't interested. To recap the whole experience:

State of GA: we have an opening for an entry-level programmer with 3 years of experience.
Me: I have 3 years of experience.
State of GA: you don't have enough experience.

At least that's what their note said. Anyway, the people I work for tentatively offered me a promotion on Wednesday, which they've done before only to yank out from under me later. The previous "promotions" were all for help desk positions, which I didn't really want anyway. This time, they actually wanted a programmer. The normal order of the day is to perpetually downsize, but in this case they realized they had already let too many people go and could no longer handle the current workload. Anyway, on Thursday one of my bosses gave them my resume and they decided to hire me into the tech area (out of the admin area). Friday they interviewed me (after deciding to hire me anyway) for ten minutes, then made it official.

My manager asked me back into his office so we could do salary sparring. It's important not to ask for more than they're willing to pay, or they'll keep looking. I requested an initial increase of $5k, which would put my pay at $1k more than the state job. They countered by offering $6k with another raise after a two month evaluation. Heartless bastards! I begrudgingly accepted.

I'm glad this happened instead of the government job. I already understand the (lack of) culture where I work, and I live just up the street. Besides, as bad as it can be at my current job, when it comes to mindless tedium and bureaucracy, you just can't beat the government.

Psyched, out

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Jef said...

Shoulda took the govt job. That way we'd have someone on the inside