Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Writing News

Tonight is movie night, so there won't be any writing, but I did receive my contributor's copy of Black Petals containing my 6th published short story "A Brief Future of Television." The editor, Kenneth James Crist, said the story was "just too cute to pass up" (it involves a woman getting her head blown off by a shotgun for entertainment purposes). An artist named Tom Kelly drew a full page illustration to go with it, and it kicks ass. Yes! Somebody illustrated my work! I rule! I'm much more talented than you are. AHHH HA HA HAAAH! I WILL CRUSH YOU LIKE A BUG! THE STREETS WILL RUN RED WITH BLOOD, AND POSSIBLY YELLOW AND GREY WITH BILE AND BRAIN MATTER. But no puss, because that would just be so icky-poo.

Okay, I'm back on planet Earth now. In related news, I sent another story called "The Path" to Wierd Tales back in June, but haven't yet received my rejection. I'll give them a couple weeks more to stomp on my heart, then follow up if they haven't done so.

Published, out

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