Thursday, August 05, 2004

Cartoon Review

Last night was movie night, but I didn't complete any movies since I wandered off and did other exciting things, like cooking dinner then cleaning the stove after I let a pot boil over (it boiled over because I wandered off and did something else). Anyway, the only DVD I watched (partially) was disc one of the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon. Holy cow, it was awful in every way - cheap animation, bad lines, women whose only role was to get tied-up by whatever villain and scream "Save me, Spider-Man." I don't understand. I used to love these back in nursery school (right after nap time when they were giving us our afternoon milk).

Things like this may be the reason many adults still view animation as a purile form of entertainment. The only exposure they had was to the silly and pathetic cartoons of their day which were largely insulting to the intelligence of a seven-year old (me, anyway). Like most people, they fall back on their internal rules rather than re-evaluate.

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