Thursday, August 12, 2004

Random Memory

A long time ago (4th grade) in a galaxy far, far away (Tennessee), I started at a new school. One teacher gave us a test on our first day back from summer vacation. The instructions said to read the entire test carefully, then start over and begin answering the questions. Naturally we thought this was stupid, so most of us just started answering right away. Question 1 said to put our names on the paper. I forget the rest, but the final question said (what else) "Now go back and only do #1." This started about 95% of the class with a 0, but it taught me a valuable lesson - don't trust the authority figure.

To that teacher, Mrs. Whatever Your Name Was, I would like to say that, wherever you are, I hope you're in a lot of pain and missing a couple of limbs.

Grey matter, out

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