Thursday, August 12, 2004

Because input is fun ver 2.0

Expanding on Sublime's original list:
Just for fun, my friends, recommend to me:
  1. A musical instrument.
  2. An instrument of torture.
  3. An instrument of death.
  4. An instrument of mass destruction.
  5. A cute and cuddly pet.

Psychotically bored, out


Frogstar said...

1. Violin...or fiddle!
2. A blunt knife
3. Golf club
4. America
5. Goldfish

Lor said...

1. Tambourine!
2. Country music!
3. Baseball bat!
4. McDonald's!
5. Tarantula!

Ash said...

1. Patrick plays the violin!
2. spoons
3. forks
4. sporks
5. uh... Patrick!

Rys said...

A musical instrument: An eight string bass guitar, strung upside down
An instrument of torture: See above
An instrument of death: See above above
An instrument of mass destruction: duh - above above above
A cute and cuddly pet: Seeing eye ponies (look it up on google -they're very intelligent and cuddly!)

Grant said...

Your answers are insane and so are you. Good work, people. Thanks and keep it up.