Wednesday, August 11, 2004

New Template

I'm working on a new template which I've placed here. It's not quite up to Lor's standards, but hey - baby steps. I'm not sure whether to keep it or dump it. I've also considered starting a second blog and keeping it limited to my religious rants, for which the new layout would be appropriate. What do you think? One blog or two? New template, current template, or keep trying? Chunky or smooth?

Artistic, out


Lor said...

It's good for a first try. I like the creepy background noise, and the evil-ish picture. It's a nice touch that there's an ad for romance books at the top. It'd be funny if you did start a religious blog, used the template, and gave it a title like "God loves you!"

bakagirl said...

I agree with Lor. It's a little hard to read, though. Personally, I think the current template's fine. Nice, smooth, clean, and easy to read! :) ~linda