Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Smart Banners?

I've begun to notice these banners on blogger, and I have to question the logic. They obviously search for keywords rather than display randomly, but it almost seems they advertise the opposite of what might interest the blogger. For example, on Civilitas Sermo, a pro-American nonpartisan political debate site, I was invited to buy Iraqi dinars. If we can believe these banners, then Bakagirl needs a haircut, Connie is in need of yet another manicure, Ash needs medical treatment normally reserved for senior citizens, and The Sublime Flamingo (despite claims of fairness and neutrality) is a rabid anti-Republican.

Naturally, my own blog keeps inviting me to find jesus.

Hype, out


Frogstar said...

Why did Jesus die?


And what is an Iraqi Dinar? Yea! Who cares, I can get a million for $1070!

Nice spotting. I hadn't realized about the banners. How amusing!

santia said...

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