Thursday, August 05, 2004

Creepy Old Man

Let me state for the record that I'm not here looking for love or people to meet in person. This blog is one of my creative outlets and I use it for entertainment. When I search other people's blogs, I start by looking for a common element, usually people who claim to enjoy writing, but sometimes people who like the same books, music, and/or movies as me. I get some matches, cruise their posts, and if I find them interesting I bookmark the location. Again, I only care that the person has something intellectual or emotional to offer. I don't make a conscious effort to learn who they are, although I often pick up a lot from their musings. Having said that, I recently became aware of the fact that most of my favorite bloggers - the ones whose thoughts I enjoy perusing, the ones to whom I can most closely relate, the ones that really brighten my day - invariably turn out to be schoolgirls around age fifteen, frequently of Asian descent.

I have to admit that sometimes that does make me feel like a creepy old man. Never mind that it shows me to be emotionally underdeveloped and a tad sissified, I'm used to that. I'm more concerned that it makes me seem like I have some kind of fetish. I'm not a predator or serial killer (as far as you or the police know), but if I were to become one I think I may have subconsciously identified my victims' demographics. (Note to profilers - contrary to your beliefs, I apparently will not be be hunting within my own age or ethnic group)

Apologies if any of my comments on your blogs has offended you, unless you drive slow in the fast lane, in which case I hate your guts. If you want me to stay away in the future, just let me know and I'll add you to my growing list of people to avoid - no hard feelings.

Ick, out

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Frogstar said...

Hahaha...just so you know, I'm not 15 and I'm not of Asian descent...hahaa