Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Diabetes Notes plus Bunny

I've been taking Metformin for two years, which is supposed to help control blood sugar at the expense of making one (where one = me in this case) permanently sharty. I recently cut back on my prescribed amount, from 2k mg to 1k, then quit taking it altogether when (again) my prescription ran out and my doctor's office couldn't be bothered to refill it. As a result, my stomach problems have almost completely disappeared while my blood glucose levels have remained the same. Bear in mind that I'm also injecting 82 units of Lantus (insulin) per day. Maybe the Metformin is just for amateur diabetics and doesn't help when you go pro. I'm just happy to save $8/month and to once again know the joys of using a urinal since I no longer have to crap more than pee.

I won't bother listing her name or age because she just got engaged. Bunny is off the market. =(


Charlene said...

My doc perscribed Semlin [sp] in addition to 80 Lantus. I haven't had the gastro problems you describe but as you say, I don't see it having any effect.

About the problems getting OK's for refills, ask your doctor to give you a PRN refill which lasts for a year.

GrrlTragic said...

Congrats to you both! I think?

tiff said...

Yep -

Over half the people taking metformin go all sharty. :(

I think metformin works on insulin levels, not blood glucose, which would explain why the glucose levels are fine, but I could be wrong. Enjoy your break from the stall as long as is possible!

metalmom said...

Good for your sharty ass! I hope it leaves no side effects. I'm trying to catch up. So, HI!!

Leesa said...

Looks like Ford Motors is getting in the act, partnering with Medtronic to create what must be the largest Insulin monitoring device (a car):

Anonymous said...

Is your glucose level stable? I sure hope so. Metformin sounds awful.