Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Random Memory

During my pre-junior high days, we had a teacher who hadn't turned bitter and hateful of all things child (yet) and at the end of the school year she passed around a questionnaire asking how she could improve her teaching. Because she was young and hot, I'm assuming I'm not the only kid who (anonymously) said "get naked". Another kid happily shared his idea with everyone else at the table. His response to the "how to improve" question was (and I'm sure I remember this word for word) "Some teachers are happy sad mad and have breast cancer."

Situations like that are why the letters wtf were invented. I mean, seriously - wtf?! That's not a suggestion. And he didn't even say "or". So some teachers are all four things at once?

Although it is a helpful hint that the teacher failed to teach at least one student effective written communication. Maybe the next year she went back to basics. "This is called the English language. We use it to communicate. If you pick the right words, people will understand you." Hopefully she did that while naked for the next class.


Lady Tragic said...

This is why the internet often confounds me.

Whitemist said...

Was this so far back in the archives of time, that such things could be done, without law intervening. I wish to go back to those times!

Jay said...

All the way through school I only had three teachers that I wanted to see naked. One of them I kinda did because she liked to put her feet up on her desk and let her dress slip all the way down to her hip. The other two I saw in bikinis so that wasn't too bad.

I don't think that's really what this post was about, but whatever.

Maundering mutterer said...

Good suggestion! I'm sure it'd have been very educational indeed if she'd got naked!

NYD said...

I think that if I got naked for my students not only would the police and the press have a field day, the bunnies would hide in their hutches forever scarred by protuberant appendage trauma.

April said...

I wish a few of my teachers would've asked us how they could improve. That's such an opportunity for a kid to tell the teacher what's up. I would've liked for my 11th grade history teacher to stop comparing my breasts to his wifes.

Avitable said...

And some teachers are angry poor crazy weird and have bad breath.

Grant said...

Lady Tragic - it reminds me of the girl who couldn't believe she got a low grade on her English paper just because she used chatroom speak instead of the boring old proper language.

Whitemist - I think the law should intervene more in matters of English.

Jay - every post of mine is, in one way or another, about hot naked chicks.

Maundering mutterer - we never had sex ed in my day, so it would have doubled for that.

NYD - there's only one way to find out for sure.

April - I'm sure that gave you great confidence knowing that the people to whom you'd been entrusted were willing to violate you and the law. They sound like great educators.

Avitable - you had her too?

April said...

Sorry to follow up on this a little late, but the crazy thing about him comparing my breasts to his wifes is that I actually got to see them. While they were a little larger than mine, they were very similar.

WHAT? Is what you're thinking, right? Well, after I graduated HS, I used to frequent a nude beach. One day, he and his wife showed up. I got to see all of their goods up close. It was weird. They even put their towels and chairs next to ours and hung out with my friend and I. Then they asked me if I wanted to have a threesome with them. To which I declined.

True fucking story!