Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I haven't played the game, but my understanding is that it's a first person shooter with a weapon that can open holes in walls / floors / ceilings. Essentially the building is a maze with a series of enemies / puzzles to defeat while receiving helpful instructions from a female computer named GLaDOS (pronounced like Gladys). The computer frequently offer cake as a reward for escaping. In the end, you discover the computer was just experimenting on you and intended to dispose of you when finished. At that point, you get to turn on the computer and destroy it while it attempts to talk you down (e.g. "okay, you've passed the real test - you can have your cake now"). None of that matters. The end credits / closing song is my new obsession:

And then you can watch this:

Direct links are here and here.


Maundering mutterer said...

Gaming - I need a better computer. Portals however, I know all about - just try going through the one into my house! Danger! Ankle attack! No virtual cake, but lots of real scratches!

noceleryplease said...

Do you actually get the cake? Because if there's no cake involved at the end, I would be totally pissed.

Avitable said...

The game is awesome and fun and hilarious. That song is one of my favorite parts. You definitely should play it.

Captain Dumbass said...

I'm with Celery, is there any cake?

Grant said...

Maundering mutterer - how can you exist without a powerful gaming computer?

noceleryplease - there is no cake. The cake is a lie.

Avitable - video games that require hand/eye coordination conflict with my condition, so I'm reduced to watching YouTube videos instead.

Captain Dumbass - the cake is still a lie.

Gib said...

Never played the game - love the song, however. Evil robots just don't record enough songs.