Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happyy Seasons

It's Channukwanzaramadamasux time, so let's kick off the annual greed and guilt fest with the traditional offering of bunny.

It's amazing how many awsome images you'll find when you Google "sexy Santa Japan".


Tracy Lynn said...

Merry Christmas, dude.

Lady Tragic said...

Cheers dude, hope you're having a fabulous day ♥

Jay said...

Merry Christmas.

I wouldn't mind finding her under my Christmas tree.

SJ said...

Give the gift of love or sex.

unmitigated me said...

Holy shit, she makes ME hot! And that's saying something.

I didn't necessarily mean that to be my introduction...found you via Cap'n Dumbass.

NYD said...

Hey Buddy. Thanks for the Christmas Card. Just lettin you know I'm still alive in J-gal land.

Mrs. Hall said...

look. i'm going to need to ask you a favor. my site is a happy, positive love fest of a site. your messages are a bit strong and a bit weird and a bit innappropriate for my taste.

but really, it's just me. I am sensitive and like nice calm comments.


from now on, i must ask this:

if you want to comment on my site, keep it nice, PG, devoid of drug references and debauchery.

especially if the post involves my kids. or. don't comment at all. really. that's ok too.


Robin said...

I wish all the bunnies for you in the new year.

Maundering mutterer said...

I think I know which comment Mrs Hall refers to. I thought it very amusing - I'd have thought the same when I was a kiddie too. Oh well. Just a thought. I realize that not everyone can be rabid demon spawn like me.