Monday, November 01, 2010


This weekend I missed Halloween because I stayed in bed in preparation for being in the office this week. The next two weeks will be especially fun because they are working on the parking lot, or more specifically the part next to the building, so I get to park even further away than the typical third of a mile I already walk one way to get to my cubicle. This comes at a perfect time because the doctor just doubled my blood pressure medication dosage (again), and yet my last check showed my resting rate as 190 / 120 (we're shooting more for 120 / 80 or below), so the extra cardio will do my already pounding heart no end of good.

But just so you won't think I'm a relentlessly negative person, let me just announce that I did manage to finish the 3rd season of Veronica Mars on Sunday. I am awesome.

Further note - I am changing the day after Thanksgiving this year to 2nd Halloween, so don't be surprised if I show up at your door trick-or-treating. And, no, you may not use the event as an excuse to pass off some of your leftover turkey and dressing. But I will accept an early Hannukwanzaramadamas gift for 2nd Halloween because I don't celebrate Hannukwanzaramadamas.


tiff said...

we'll be ready for you.

Jay said...

You're welcome to come here when you go trick or treating, but I have to warn you that guest parking is pretty far from my door. I'll put a lawn chair out on the patio and give you a beer though so you can rest before resuming your activities.

Veronica Mars rocks. Damn, Kristen Bell is cute.

Maundering mutterer said...

You are utterly awesome. Parking's right in front of my house provided you can drive to South Africa and the beer's cold! Since we don't do halloween here, no-one will think you odd - especially not when they discover you're American.

PAMO said...

I don't even give out treats on Halloween. The day after Thanksgiving might be better... but probably not.
Hope you get your BP under control soon.

Grant said...

tiff - for gifts, I prefer electronic gadgets and bunny.

Jay - can't I just park on your lawn so we can drink in the car?

Kristen Bell is bunny-sized, and yes - very cute.

Maundering mutterer - I can drive right over. I'll just put the wipers on high.

PAMO - the churches and media have driver all the revelers off the streets, so I don't hand out candy to the non-existent t or t'ers either.

Avitable said...

Don't you qualify for a handicap permit yet? I mean, how decrepit do you have to get?

Grant said...

Avitable - apparently a little more. I've learned you can always get a little sicker until you reach the point where you actually die.