Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Better Living Through Bunny

On Saturday I ran out of food and rather than go to the grocery I thought I'd live off takeout for a couple of days. First I went to Krystal because I haven't been there in years and I had a hankering for crappy food, even though my personal experience with the chain has been that they provide the worst service. This time the cashier was a cheery American-born bunny who greeted me upon entering, handled my entire order from the register to the bag of sliders (I usually get trapped in the hell of "Ain't my job" when I'm there), and presented my neatly packaged meal with a slight bow.

Then I got Chinese takeout for dinner, and the hot cashier remembered my name and the fact that I often get the same meal despite not having seen me in months, and then thanked me profusely. Plus I think she's over thirty, of which I approve. (she is Asian so she could be anywhere between twelve and fifty for all I know) I wonder if it's acceptable to tip with a marriage proposal.

Then on Sunday I decided to try to improve my appreciation of hot Latinas, hoping to elevate them to at least sub-bunny status, but they screwed up my order so that's not happening. You know how some convenience stores have pictures of scofflaws so the cashiers will know not to accept personal checks from them? I think the local Mexican places have something similar about not giving me what I pay for, but in Mexican. (You no sell-o what fatso el order-o) Without hyperbole, I can honestly say I haven't gotten a single correct to-go order from any Mexican place in years outside of Taco Bell. The last time it happened I was so stunned that I e-mailed all of my friends.

Rather than post my own bunny pic, here's a link to a site with a great photo spread of them. I am willing to marry them all except the blond. Blond hair on a Japanese woman just looks wrong.


Tracy Lynn said...

You are lazy. Funny and lazy.

Charlene said...

The Kristol is called White Castle here. My husband used to eat there at least once a week. I went once in the spring first time for 18 years and got the double cheeseburgers with extra pickles that I used to love and the sack of onion rings. They were delicious just like I remembered. A couple of hours later I had major heart burn and was sick.

They are better as a memory for me.

Jay said...

I'm sorry that you couldn't increase your appreciation of Latinas. Don't give up though. Keep trying.

Grant said...

Tracy Lynn - I'm too tired to be energetic.

Charlene - maybe I should just drive by occasionally and smell the grease to satisfy the urge.

Jay - tacos are so awesome that I'll never quit trying.