Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 13

Continuing the 30 Days of Honesty meme with day 13 because, on reflection, days 1 – 12 sounded like whiny little invitations to my very own pity party.

Dear King Diamond,

Thank you for your wonderful music. While there is no shortage of posers screeching about killing their cats for Satan, it warms my heart to know there are also artists, such as yourself, who are true to their religious beliefs while screaming about killing your cats for Satan. Please know that when I was in basic training and thought that all that Army stuff wasn’t as much fun as I’d hoped and wanted to drop out and just kill people in the civilian marketplace, I was able to look around at all the Jebus freaks who talked a good game but couldn’t endure, get in touch with my inner hatred, sack up and drive on. Songs like Black Masses and Nuns Have No Fun listened to late at night on my smuggled Walkman were particularly uplifting. You are awesome.

But not bunny-awesome.

- Yours in Satan,



metalmom said...

Now I must look up that guy. His looks intrigue me....

Avitable said...

Aren't all your posts just pity parties that you don't have a bunny in your life?

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

If I ever get to go to Japan, I'm bringing home a bunny for you!

Ricardo said...

I hate when my posts sound like pity parties but this post was not. what a rack on that babe.

Nobius said...

It just wouldn't be a great day without a little blood and King Diamond.

"You might fall and break your neck!"

I love Abigale.

And the bunny in this post does have a great rack! Tasty.

Grant said...

metalmom - you claim to be metal and yet don't know who King Diamond is? Poseur. :p

Avitable - some are just pictures of hot bunnies not in my life that cause me to reflect and then write a post about how I don't have a hot bunny in my life.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter - I'll get you a ticket and a bunny carrier.

Ricardo - Sora Aoi is a famous Japanese actress, so if you ever do CSI: Tokyo then bag her for me.

Nobius - he is love.