Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fellow glass people

I'm new to the whole wearing glasses thing and as such I've had to try to develop new habits, such as leaving them in a place I'll remember since I can't see where my glasses are when I'm not wearing my glasses. Last week I fell asleep while wearing them, and then awoke to find them bent. I thought about asking what to do from someone with more glasses experience, but I figured that if I bent them one way, I should be able to bend them back if I'm careful enough and CRAP I broke them. Sort of. The right side feels loose and it looks like the screw may have come un-screwed, but I'm not sure since I can't clearly see them without my glasses. They do actually fit better now, but they feel like they're about to fall apart.

So, now what? My vision plan says I'm not eligible for a new frame until May, 2012. How do you handle these issues? Tape? Suck it up and pay full price for another pair? That could get expensive considering the first pair only lasted a month. Do optometrists offer glass repair services? They should, considering how flimsy and cheap their products are. Leave your suggestions in the comment box. Please use a large, clear font in case my glasses have totally disintegrated by the time you respond.

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Conversation from a couple of weeks ago:
Me: There's a gap between the lens and frame on my expensive new prescription sunglasses. Does that mean the lens is going to fall out?
Friend: Nah, don't worry about it.

This morning:
Expensive prescription sunglasses: Ping! Clatter clatter clatter.

If you need a visual:

Hopefully the optometrist's offers some kind of warranty. Next time I'm going to the mall like everyone else.


Jay said...

I guess you could call the place you bought your glasses from and ask them if they do any repairs. I'm sure it won't cost too much more than a new frame would to fix them.

Or just go to the Dollar Store and get a cheap pair of glasses that seem like they do a decent job.

Captain Dumbass said...

Use a place like


Glasses are crazy overpriced.

Tracy Lynn said...

First, get into the habit of putting them on in the AM and leaving them on until it's time to sleep. At that point, put them on the nearest flat surface to the sleeping.
Second, take them to the place you got them. Most times you have a warranty.
Third, get a glasses kit. They have them at the drugstore, and they are not expensive.
Fourth, and finally, Robert fixed the comment box at my place because you are whiny. Thank you.

Neath said...

Call the folks you bought them from and ask if they're under warranty. Or, take them into the store and see if they can be fixed on the spot. Outside of that, all I can suggest is go without for a day or two and pay for repairs or buy a new frame at full price. Also, get into the habit of taking them off before going to sleep....

Enter_Skitarii said...

I broke my first pair of glasses after bending them a zillion times to straighten them out. I had to fork out for a second pair (out of my allowance!), which I promptly sat on after placing them on my bed after a shower.

Kira said...

Alex has bent his up and broken his repeatedly over the years, but Lenscrafters always fixes them for free for the lifetime of the glasses. We bought them four years ago, and just last week he lost a screw on one of the nose pad thingys and it fell off. He went to Lenscrafters and they screwed it back on, plus adjusted his glasses, all in a few minutes/right away/for free.

Tragic™ said...

Mine are old and work and scratched to shit, I'm just too damn lazy to go get them fixed.. I have coverage, it would suck if I didn't, these ones were stupid cheap and even still they would have been well over $200... ugh.

Muskrat said...

that sucks!

Grant said...

Jay - I wonder if stores still sell those cheap, pre-made glasses that are not personalized for a specific user?

Captain Dumbass - do they have Asian optometrists who run their fingers through your hair? That would enhance the experience.

Tracy Lynn - my glasses don't work up close, so I have to take them off throughout the day. Or sit several feet away from the computer screen.

Neath - they didn't specify any warranty information, but they did fix them for free.

Skitarii - my allowance won't cover a new pair too often.

Kira - I'm definitely using a mall place next. I don't see the advantage to going to a regular optometrist.

Tragic™ - my coverage says nothing about repairs, just new lenses every year and new frames every two. I guess they don't recommend scratching or dropping them.

Muskrat - doctors are untrustworthy, while lawyers are reliable. Does your bunny friend also do eyeglass repair?

Avitable said...

Dude, just get cyborg eyes. Duh.

Ricardo said...

what about contacts?

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

First, don't listen to Adam. Second, my advice is for shit because I've worn contacts for 24 years and only put on my glasses for a couple of hours each night.

Grant said...

Avitable - that would be awesome. Actually I need an entire new robot body.

Ricardo - I don't need them for up-close, so I'd have to get flip-up contacts.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter - I'm new to the whole glasses experience, but it's fun to belong to a group.