Monday, June 28, 2010

Super-duper fun wow special contest

If you can correctly answer the following questions in 184 guesses or less, then you will win a special personalized prize made JUST FOR YOU!

Last night I had the following to do:
  1. Wash clothes (x3).
  2. Wash dishes.
  3. Refill water bottles.
  4. Take a shower.
Question: guess which utility was out when I got home? And when fixed, spewed out cloudy water that would probably add more filth to anything I wanted to clean?

A coworker took a short vacation which left me covering for her. On the day she left, everyone else on this and other neighboring planets decided that they needed more help from me. To deal with the crunch, I worked Sunday and then stayed offline Monday morning to focus on work rather than answer random IM questions. Since my bosses received e-mails from me on Sunday and didn't see me online Monday morning, they assumed I was undergoing another round of healthcare (god forbid they call me or actually walk the twenty meters to my cubicle) and have started triple-teaming to monitor my movements in case I'm out sick again. They've already contacted my contract supervisor and the standing order is that I can keep my job as long as I'm healthy enough to be present in the office for eight hours per day x five days per week. On a side note, they're happy with the work I do, but that's of lesser importance.

So, to recap, my job is in danger because I showed some initiative and handled a work overload without involving my many supervisors and as a result they assume I'm not in my cubicle and may need to be replaced by someone they assume will provide the same quality of work while sitting in the cubicle during scheduled hours.

Question: is this insane, or merely stupid? Or is it the new norm for workplace BS now that the economy doesn't force employers to use a modicum of decency and common sense?


Question: is this picture still work safe, or slightly over the line?


Gail said...

HI there,

ummm "Over the line"!!!!

Kira said...

Depends on where you work?

Tragic™ said...

Section 1 answer: Gas was out?
Section 2 answer: that's some weird freakin' employment ya got there buddy.
Section 3 answer: I work at home so blah, BUT! No nipples, thongs or nether hair/folds visible so I really don't know anyone who works at a place where this could get them fired. Maybe your bosses.. They sound pretty weird.

Jay said...

I would say that pic does NOT cross the line. But, I reject all societal norms and rule sand all that shit. So, what do I know.

Basically in corporate America the actual quality of work isn't all that important. Following arbitrary rules and keep up appearances is what matters most. Also, the biggest mistake you made there was showing initiative on your own. They really freaking hate that.

Muskrat said...

that sounds awkward...did you talk to amanda? sometimes she's hard to reach.

Maundering mutterer said...

Hey, how many chipmonks is strangling your boss worth? Hope you got it sorted without going to such lengths or our karmic deal will require me to be horribly good.

About cloudy water (for future ref) run it and let it stand for five minutes and its clear. Something to do with lime... So now you know. You can use it as is, won't filthify a thing.

Cute bunny.

Neath said...

Thank you for the bunny. Pictures of her are a great way to start the day. I'd say that one's borderline sfw. Nipples are covered (dammit) and no visible beaver. The only ones I could see taking issue with that photo are the conservative asshats that get their jollies from preventing others from enjoying lifes little pleasures.
Oh, my guess is #1 Laundry (x3)
I wonder if your bosses are actually too dumb to notice if you hit them with a brick or if it's all an act to see if you'll actually do it. I suppose there's really only one way to find out.....

Captain Dumbass said...

I pick insanely stupid, and I guess whether the pic is over the line or not depends on who you work with. I'm thinking an office full of straight men or lesbians would be fine with it.

SJ said...

Would it be bad manners on my part to say I just got a promotion at work? Yeah I better not mention it.

Kerry said...

Yep. Bosses are stupid. Thats how they got there. Its the only work they can do... worry about what other people are doing. Good luck. No common sense whatsoever

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

I don't know WTF is wrong with companies with this whole "Gotta see a body to know it's being productive" BS. Ridiculous. I'd say they're over the line.

Whew. Steppin' off that soapbox now.

Avitable said...

It amazes me sometimes how close real life can be to movies like "Office Space".

Martini said...

For many workplaces, that wouldn't be over the line. My coworkers wouldn't think it crosses any lines, but our fully female HR dept. would think otherwise.

Grant said...

Gail - sorry, but that is incorrect.

Kira - federal law should require all office buildings to be bunny friendly, or else the terrorists will have won.

Tragic™ - yes, the gas lines spewed out cloudy water after they were fixed. Good guess. :p

Jay - I may have survived this round of good work, but we'll see. I had to stay late again this week, so that might tip the scales.

Muskrat - I saved the information on the old white guy you sent me, but have not followed-up. Until I screwed up and worked this weekend, it looked like the pressure was coming off me.

Maundering mutterer - chipmonks? Have they gotten into organized religion now?

Neath - yes, bunny is the perfect eye-opener, and won't upset your stomach like coffee.

Captain Dumbass - an office full of lesbians sounds like a good setup.

SJ - it would, so I'm glad you were tactful enough not to bring it up.

Kerry - I've seen many instances of people who seemed to have been put into management because they would do less damage than when they were entrusted with real work.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter - the reports I e-mailed to them that morning apparently weren't proof enough that I was there and being productive. They must think I can do my job telepathically from a remote location.

Avitable - yes, my work experiences have been often similar to the events in that documentary.

Martini - then you need to replace your HR department with Japanese cowgirl lesbians.

Robin said...

Corporate cubicle crap. That's all I have to say.

Ricardo said...

ready to suck on those.