Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quick, Spoiler-Free J-movie Review (plus medical updates and stuff)

Cutie Honey - a live action version of the manga and anime about a cute crime-fighting ninja who can change outfits by shouting "Honey Flash" in Engrish (Hah-nee furasho!)

Don't bother. It left me feeling like this:
I went to my regular doctor yesterday and he gave me a quick verbal examination, noted that all of my symptoms are now under control (as much as possible), updated my prescriptions with refills to last a full year, and then sent me on my way - no scheduled return visits and no more specialists to see. This is the first time since May 2008 that I haven't been under some form of healthcare. Needless to say, I was thrilled:

In other news, every company that knows I exist has been sending me e-mails suggesting that their product or service would make an excellent Father's Day gift. Although NetFlix could make a good gift (except that the last time I saw my parents they were resisting the evils of the Internet and DVDs), I'm not so sure if my gym should be on that list. "Happy Father's Day, you lazy fat bastard!"


Jay said...

Good news from the doc! About time too.

You could give your dad a NetFlix subscription. Then casually let him know that they have lots of good fitness DVDs available. ;-)

Maundering mutterer said...

I like your stick man! I feel quite sorry for him after the movie, and happy to see him smiling about freedom from doctors. Oh no! I'm identifying with a stick figure... I'm off to see a shrink.

Robin said...

Yay, good news!,

Gib said...

The best way to celebrate good news is a cocaine and liquor orgy that lasts between three and eight days.

The above also makes a great Father's Day gift.

Realliveman said...

Grant, go to Japan right now and say you are Chinese!

See here!

I'm on my way! See ya there.

Grant said...

Jay - I didn't know they could send you away without a follow-up appointment. I hope he doesn't get disbarred or excommunicated or something.

Maundering mutterer - stick man likes your sense of empathy.

Robin - it's probably a setup. Next he'll hire ninjas to infect me with consumption.

Gib - I was actually leaning toward bunnies and beer, but your suggestion sounds good too.

Realliveman - now we just need the Japanese to invade Ireland, England, France, Germany, and the Cherokee Nation, and I'll be set.