Monday, May 17, 2010

Granthain 2010 was a complete success

I'm calling it a success because I suddenly turned a year older, didn't die, and even survived having a slice of cake. Mmmmm...non-lethal cake. Plus there were tacos and beer.

I received several nice gifts this year and I plan to masturbate with each and every one of them. I'm going to avoid listing any names here so the generous don't get targeted as easy marks, but if you send me $5 I'll share all the contact info I have on each one of those suckers nice people.

Being a pain and reminding everyone of my impending agening proved to be a much better plan than aging gracefully and going quietly into that good night, so take my advice and become a complete twat about it. 30 days may not be enough warning, so next year I'll start a little earlier. Like next week.


Avitable said...

I think you should have a constant countdown clock.

metalmom said...

Choke on the cookies. :P

okay, I'm glad your birthday didn't suck.

Jay said...

Cake, tacos and beer?

What else could anyone want.

Happy birthday.

Robin said...

To night dying! *cheers*

Monogram Queen said...

I cannot picture you going quietly into good anything ;)


SJ said...

Sure $5 on the way. Email me that list.

Maundering mutterer said...

Its official! The Hustler shop is the BEST place to buy birthday gifts. If you can get the recipient to open them in a pub or something, and brandish them about, it can turn into quite a good party with anyone who happens to be watching thinking its going to turn into an even better one later on, even if it doesn't. Happy B-day for whenever it was :)

Grant said...

Avitable - and I'll add an automated system to send daily e-mails to everyone I know until they click on the "do not send" button, in which case they'll get them twice daily.

metalmom - it was definitely better than last year when I spent part of it in a doctor's office.

Jay - there was still room for Asian strippers.

Robin - night dying?

Monogram Queen - thank you. I'm trying to become a crusty old fart.

SJ - there will be an additional $195 e-mail convenience fee.

Maundering mutterer - it was Saturday the 15th, but I'll still accept late gifts.