Thursday, April 01, 2010

Wrong on so many levels

The ice cream truck in my neighborhood is playing Christmas carols.


Now he switched to La Cucaracha. That's so much better, what with vending food to the tune of an ode to cockroaches.


Gib said...

If horror movies have taught me anything, it's that ice cream trucks are usually homes to for clown-themed serial killers, so perhaps they should be playing Rob Zombie or something?

Robin said...

I am going to agree with Gib.

Whitemist said...

Booth, the FBI agent on "Bones" has the right idea - shoot all ice cream truck speakers, particularly if they have clowns on top!

Grant said...

Gib - or, as Steven Wright suggested, Helter Skelter.

Robin - me too. Rob Zombie is like unto the awesome.

Whitemist - we should shoot them with a rocket launcher.

Ricardo said...

Yeah that is fucked up. And ice cream trucks are not what I think of around xmas time.

Grant said...

Ricardo - it's not xmas time, it just felt like it here through the first week of spring.