Friday, March 12, 2010

Zombie Review

Short and largely spoiler-free reviews of some recently viewed zombie movies.

#1: Zombieland

Funny and over the top gory, although the movie poster's promise of a chainsaw is unfulfilled. Loads of creative zombie wasting. Basically a zombie road-trip movie showing how much fun the world could be if the vast majority of the population was reduced to slavering pop-up targets. Includes a cameo by a ghostbuster. Rating:

#2: Zombie Strippers

A decent blood and titty flick, the sort of thing the Japanese excel in and probably would have done better. The humor ranges from mostly crude and sophomoric to occasional biting satire to (more often) just plain silly. Worth a look if you're a fan of doctored boobs or Robert Englund. Rating:

#3: 28 Weeks Later

A solid film, one that demonstrates that the world will not be a lot of fun if the vast majority of the population was reduced to slavering pop-up targets. Unlike what the poster says, not better than the original. The plot involves the usual heavy-handed military dictator vs. the touchy-feely types, but I found myself sympathizing with the army. When London's living population has been reduced to 15,000, you don't go easy on a second wave of zombies. Includes Jeremy Renner playing another soldier. Rating:

#4: Shaun of the Dead

A great romantic comedy with the added awesome that is zombies, although it takes the main characters a while to notice. The only one of the four that sticks with the original vision of zombies being slow, but they're still dangerous due to cramped quarters and the protagonists not being the brightest hammers on the bookshelf. Fans of the BBC series Spaced will appreciate the in-jokes but may not like the fact that the female lead from that show has been reduced to a minor supporting role since she doesn't have big tits or fake blond hair.


tiff said...

I've only seen1 of the films rated here, but can attest that your rating of it matches mine.

Now, guess which one?

Captain Dumbass said...

I'm going to rent Zombieland soon. Hopefully they don't fuck up WWZ.

Jay said...

I liked Shaun of the Dead a lot. And I have Zombieland on my netflix lit. Or will when it comes out. Has it come out? I'll check.

Whitemist said...

I was unaware of the Zombie stripper and the 28 weeks later. The other 2 were actually fun and my rating would have been similar.

Ricardo said...

Saw them all except Zombie Strippers and Zombieland. Will take care of that soon. I liked both 28 Days and 28 weeks later. Both really solid.

Avitable said...

My problem with 28 Weeks Later was the fact that the main actor tracked down his family while infected - that was stupid and unnecessary. Otherwise, though, I enjoyed it.

Zombieland was a lot of fun, and Shaun of the Dead is my favorite out of all four, as well. Well, I haven't seen Zombie Strippers, so I'm just guessing there.

Robin said...

You like your zombies doncha?

Grant said...

tiff - Zombie Strippers?

Captain Dumbass - I heartily recommend all of those movies for the whole family.

Jay - it's out - I got it from NetFlix.

Whitemist - I'm guessing Zombie Strippers isn't exactly known the world over.

Ricardo - I hope they continue with the saga. 28 Centuries Later should be helmed by George Lucas. Think Sith zombies and light saber battles.

Avitable - I'll bet you regret dropping NetFlix now that you don't have easy access to Zombie Strippers.

Robin - not as much as Japanese women, unless they're also zombie strippers.