Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Time to test the new doctor

Today I have a doctor's appointment with yet another new doctor. He's not a bunny, thus ruining my chances of a complete collection of professionals (I have a dentist, lawyer, and two pharmacists who are all hot bunnies), but he was at least recommended by drug bunny #1. This will be the first time I selected a doctor other than via Internet search, so I hope to have a better experience this time.*

It was supposed to be a routine physical, but my blood glucose levels have been rising which made me sicker so I couldn't exercise as much as I needed which made my blood glucose levels rise. Now I'm walking around on another open wound in my foot, although I'm trying the left one out this time just for fun. The good news is that I've learned to better manage my diabetes and associated problems so I've avoided getting an infection thus far, which is what landed me in the hospital the last two times.

Having used the word bunny so many times, here is yet another picture of 一番うさぎ Ebi-chan:

* I mention this in case I don't survive my routine physical and you never hear from me again.

* * UPDATE * *

It's not looking good so far. I arrived and discovered the date they wrote on my appointment card was wrong. They would have called, but they also wrote down the wrong phone number. Maybe this will be like my dentist - great doctor, hit or miss on the nurses / hygienists, incompetent front desk.

Bonus bunny Shoko Nakagawa.


GreenJello said...

Good luck with the new doc. Referrals are generally good signs! Hope things get under control quick.

Robin said...

good luck!!

Whitemist said...

Know all about Front Desk problems.....
That only happens with really good doctors, so we will see if yours fits the track record.

Jay said...

It's amazing how often dr's offices do that. Show up and they're like. "Oh, we wrote the wrong day down." So, let me in anyway! Good help is so hard to find.

Ricardo said...

No sir, none of this is a positive sign at all with the new doc.

Gib said...

Ah yes, the medical office front desk - the great black hole of healing. We wound up switching Xander's pediatrician because my wife absolutely had it with their front desk. We loved the doctor, but what good did that do if we could never get in to see her because they kept screwing up our appointments?

Grant said...

GreenJello - the doctor seems good, but the "get well quick" thing doesn't appear to be an option.

Robin - thanks.

Whitemist - so far the pattern is holding.

Jay - the doctor was booked and they neglected to tell me to fast before my bloodwork (even though I did anyway), so that was the reason for the reschedule.

Ricardo - I guess front desk people aren't paid enough to be competent. Doctors should handle their own scheduling and billing.

Gib - I've considered leaving my bunny dentist for the same reason, but she's just too hot.