Friday, February 19, 2010

Movie Review

Words cannot express the awesome.

The "plot": the government is injecting students and faculty with a compound turning them into zombies, but something in the pool water renders the girls' swim team immune, so it's up to them to battle the undead in their swimwear, or sometimes naked. Of course.

Good stuff: thrash metal soundtrack, busty J-bunnies dressed in schoolgirl uniforms, chainsaws, ultimate ninja move - VAGINA BLAST! Plus the director had a great instinct for camera angles.

The bad: not available in Avatar-style IMAX 3D, probably because it looks like it was filmed on a budget of about $12.

The interesting thing is that it included fetishes more common to American film (e.g. lesbian sex) and eschewed fetishes more common in Japanese movies (e.g. urination). Maybe it's just a cultural oddity, but to me J-bunnies kissing = hot, whereas watching one wet herself = not so much.

Here are a couple of seriously not safe for work images: bunny! bunny!

Final rating: 4 out of 5 bunnies. (it's not Shindler's List, after all)

Foreign film is so classy.


Whitemist said...

Looks like your classic Japanese horror sci fi skin flick. Sounds good to me cause most of the time it is the water that kills you.

Jay said...

What an awesome movie.

And I totally agree. I'm Team Lesbian Sex.

Mighty Hunter said...

I'm totally watching this, and I'm NOT ASHAMED TO SAY IT.

Prata said...

Pure awesome.

dr.alistair said...

didn`t help me at all with my college assignment...

Robin said...

It's no Skins...

Grant said...

Whitemist - it's actually not as gory or shocking as many of those, but that was fine with me.

Jay - I want to be a cheerleader for team lesbian sex.

Mighty Hunter - it would make a great date movie.

Prata - it's bunny awesome.

dr.alistair - maybe you're taking the wrong courses. You need to pursue a degree in Bunny-awesome.

Robin - it's way better - it has bunny.

Gib said...

And people think Americans have no appreciation for foreign cinema.

Avitable said...

Didn't this win an Academy Award?

Grant said...

Gib - if only more foreign film could be as classy as this it would find a wider audience.

Avitable - it's a lock for best bunny on bunny chainsaw mutilation vagina blast flick.

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