Monday, January 04, 2010

How you can make 2010 the year we all make a difference

As a couple of you already heard, I created a great new catch phrase in 2009, easily the equal of "Go for it", "That's hot", and "Meh". It's just as famous as Elvis and the Pope combined, except that nobody knows that. So for this year, I want you all to get the following phrase into the collective consciousness by using it whenever possible:

"Lawsey be! Debbil done et all my peanut butter! I's a-fadin' fast." (note - works best if uttered while fainting) (it will give your new fainting couch a reason for existence)

You don't have to use the whole thing all the time, just the core "debbil done et my peanut butter" part will suffice. Feel free to use it as an interjection, blog fodder, on your resume and tax forms, etc. I think if we all pull together we can make this a reality and can replace such sayings as "death panels", "positive change" and "going rogue".

As a bare minimum, remember to close all of your phone conversations / business memos / e-mails with the phrase "before the Earth is destroyed by Giant Atomic Chickens™ in accordance with Satanic prophecy".

2010 - the year the bloggyverse united the world in harmony.


Mighty Hunter said...

I'm all for this.

Captain Dumbass said...

I've got to work tonight so I'll try spreading this amongst my customers. It keeps sounding like Jar Jar Binks in my head though and that just doesn't work.

Jay said...

I think this is totally worth doing.

tiff said...

That made me honk most unattractively, startling much of the cube farm.


NYD said...

Thanks for the card. It did nothing to improve my life....
You might want to to start your own series of "bunny cards" for all occasions.Maybe even a"Bunny done et my peanut butter" version would be cool.

NYD isn't dead...he just smells funny...

Have a great new year filled with plenty of beautiful Asian chicks.
I'll see you before the Earth is destroyed by Giant Atomic Chickens™ in accordance with Satanic

justsomethoughts... said...

i think this IS positive change.

GreenJello said...

You got your peanut butter in my chocolate.

SJ said...

So how do I say the "TM" in superscript?

Grant said...

Mighty Hunter - see how effective of a pick-up line it is and report back.

Captain Dumbass - Jar Jar will ruin this like he does everything else.

Jay - try it in church in place of Amen.

tiff - honking is bad cube etiquette since nobody is supposed to be happy at work.

NYD - since every day is bunny day, bunny cards would be most appropriate.

justsomethoughts... - I don't know why the Obama administration didn't already put this into law.

GreenJello - debbil got your chocolate on my peanut butter.

SJ - you can type (tm) into Microsoft Word and it will convert it, or you can copy mine and paste it where needed.