Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Boring Life Stuff

So, yesterday I got a flu shot, but it was just the old-fashioned kind, not the cool new porcine variety. I wanted to get one of those as well, not because I think I'll get it but because my immune system is likely too compromised for me to survive if do catch it. I asked the nurse for her recommendation and she said my doctor recommended it, but he was the only one in the entire office who bothered getting one. I appreciated her honesty, and I'll probably make a half-assed attempt to locate a place that doles them out. In the meantime, I'll just avoid pork.

It was recently Coming of Age Day (成人の日), in Japan, which is when J-bunnies turning 20 dress in traditional kimono in honor of the fact that I can now legally get them drunk and then anally violate them. I love traditional holidays. That is so much better than that Good Friday crap.

For added fun, my employer provides us with a medical insurance policy that provides reduced coverage for only twice what the average person walking off the street would pay. Therefore, this year I'm looking to cancel my work-provided coverage and just buy it direct. I like Aetna, the company I've been using, so I called their customer service and asked if I could keep my current policy (but with the added benefits my employer didn't want to burden us with) and just pay for it myself. After calling the number, going through the automated system, punching in numbers, getting an actual person on the line, being told they have a separate office that handles those requests, then being transferred to that office, I received the following information from a lady who sounded like she had spent the entire morning chain-smoking unfiltered cigarettes while being tortured by toddlers with sharpened bits of bamboo (her entire answer is reflected verbatim):


So, it looks like I have to purchase my own policy by May if I want to save an insane amount of money by opting out of my employee "benefits". I'm still leaning towards Aetna if for no other reason than they (hopefully) can't claim that they had no idea that I had any preexisting conditions. Plus I've had bad experiences with Metlife, and recently heard that Blue Cross is now the industry leader in customer complaints. Any recommendations?


Jay said...

I like this whole coming of age day in Japan thing. I think I should visit there on this holiday next year.

I have no recommendations for health insurance. Maybe you can find a health plan that will supplement your current plan instead? Anyway, best of luck with that.

Also, moving to Canada might be an option. Like maybe Vancouver where there just happens to be a lot of Bunnies. But, I would wait until after the Olympics.

Robin said...

I could have gotten the shot but I decided I just don't really care and plus, my husband didn't get it and if he gets it and dies I certainly am not sticking around without someone to do the dishes.

Captain Dumbass said...

What holiday wouldn't be improved with a little anal sex?

Tracy Lynn said...

I think you should check out AARP's line of recommendations. I use one of their Part D plans and am very pleased with them.

Now you may make the obligatory old lady jokes.

Grant said...

Jay - we can hang signs on our pants announcing "Coming of Age prizes here (super happy fun wow)!"

Robin - I have to survive because I'm the only one here to do the dishes.

Captain Dumbass - Good Friday would certainly be improved.

Tracy Lynn - thanks, crazy old cat lady. :p