Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Hannukwanzaramadamsux

If you don't hear from me in the near future, it's not because I'm full of Christmas cheer or disappearing a dead Asian hooker, it's because my crappy Holstein-manufactured PC has decided to lose yet another capability, this time the ability to network. (for those of you keeping track, the dead components over the under five years of ownership have been mouse under warranty, mouse out of warranty, optical drive, ethernet card, and now motherboard problems, plus I had to supplement the HD with an external one) I'm replacing Moo PC with a refurbished one from work. It will actually be a slight step down technology-wise, but Big Blue PC's have a reputation for lasting. It will be a good backup PC when I'm ready to replace the fragile cow for my birthday in 2010.

Yesterday I went to a new doctor affiliated with yet another hospital (we have physician franchises the way the Pacific Northwest has Starbucks and other places have McDonald's), but this one was bunny recommended and I like him already. I feared it would be a "how do you do, let's draw blood and decide how many other specialists to send you to" type of meeting, but instead he just checked my medical history, asked that I record my blood sugar levels at various times (and not four times a day like the guy from St. Avarice), then set up an appointment in a few months for a physical. Yes - he's going to try to treat me himself instead of passing me from hospital to hospital. And he even gave me new prescriptions. With refills! Squeee! I suppose the proper thing to do would be to thank my hot pharmacist for her recommendation by offering to sleep with her.

And with that, I get back to work. It's the only place from which I can access the Internet until my new PC arrives, probably after Christmas next week.


Jay said...

Definitely thank the hot pharmacist by sleeping with her. That's what I would do.

Mighty Hunter said...

I agree with Jay. It's only polite.

Avitable said...

You just squeed. This doctor must be good.

Whitemist said...

A Moo machine?
A Gateway???
Wow, I thought they were extinct!
Besides knowing you would not be full of Christmas cheer because you celebrate them all - Happy Hannukwanzaramadamsux!
And I know you would not want to do away with a perfectly good Asian hooker - to valuable from what I read here.
Getting a good doctor is better than most of those anyway.
Again Merry morning to you!

Captain Dumbass said...

Do her, it's Christmas.

Grant said...

Jay - it's what you would do? Get your own bunny (like Kobe Tai).

Mighty Hunter - funny, I asked Miss Manners the same thing and she responded with a restraining order.

Avitable - the squee is the ultimate seal of approval.

Whitemist - mine almost is. The company should be given the recent quality of their machines and customer service.

Captain Dumbass - I'll enter the Target wearing nothing but a red bow on my penis to make it more festive.