Sunday, November 22, 2009

We interrupt the bunny flow... bring you some more credit / bankruptcy information. As part of the process, I was required to pay a company for pre-filing debt education. Most of these credit / debt consolidation companies want you to call them so they can try to pressure you into paying them instead of your current creditors, but this one at least allowed me to do things online. I completed their assessment and received an insanely long pdf file, which can be boiled down to say:
  1. I don't have enough money.
  2. The reason for that is because I'm paying the healthcare community more than I make.
  3. The credit company's suggested course of action is that I pay them even more every month.
  4. That way, if I keep making payments to them larger than the ones I already can't pay, I'll be completely paid up in just over four years instead of four and a half if I pay me creditors directly.
  5. They politely failed to mention that they may not make any payments on my behalf for several months, thus dragging my credit further through the sewer.
  6. Or I could file for bankruptcy like a sissy boy who wets the bed.
On with the bankruptcy. We now resume the bunny posts.


Avitable said...

Sissy bed wetter.

Grant said...

It's my new legal tax status in place of Single.

Robin said...

You sissy.