Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Week Bunny-off Continued

3rd place runner up celebrity crush, K-bunny Hwang Mi Hee.


Votes received: 4. She wins on votes, but this is my blog and only my opinion matters here. I was slightly surprised, though, since she lost the last two bunny-offs in which I've entered her.

What's good about her: she's the oldest in this selection (she'll be 28 in January), she's exceedingly cute (I really want to beep her nose), and she loves to dress in schoolgirl outfits.


Why she loses anyway: she's not Japanese. In reality, I wouldn't pass on any woman due to her race, be she Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or even Thai. But as long as I'm fantasizing, I want to be able to impress my dream girl with my limited, halting Japanese. Given the history between Korea and Japan, if I spoke J to Hwang she would most likely respond with a kick from her spiky heels and a flurry of insults in Portuguese or Flemish or whatever language it is the Koreans speak.


SJ said...

How mean. K Bunnies are people too.

Martini said...

What if she had dual K/J citizenship?

Jay said...

I think I'm going to send this blog post to Hwang so she knows that you rejected her even though she got the most votes. Then she's be mad at you and love me. I think that might just work.

Grant said...

SJ - true, but they are inferior to we most-perfect Japanese (I converted).

Martini - that might work if it gave me access to a whole other country filled with bunny.

Jay - I'll have to counter by telling her you have a crush on Ami Tokito. And that you actually find non-Asian women attractive. Then she'll hate us both and run off with Viggo Mortensen. As usual.

Monogram Queen said...

I was watching "Say Yes To The Dress" last week while sick and there was a korean girl on their who lived in Brazil and I believe she spoke Portugese. Very odd to me!

Grant said...

Monogram Queen - in the early 1900's, Brazil opened up employment in their coal mines to other nationalities. A large number of Japanese migrated there before WWI. Maybe the Koreans did as well.