Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Celebrity Crush

Jay recently decided that he was tired of his celebrity crush, What’shername (she didn’t look Asian to me so I didn’t care). Then it hit me that despite the facts that Ebi-chan is a flawless beauty, one of Japan’s most prolific models, now over 30 (I prefer them closer to my own age), and has a twin sister, I’m tired of lusting after her.

Bye-bye bunny.

So, it’s time for another bunny-off to determine my new celebrity crush. Note – I don’t care if the images have been used before. I have a limited amount of web space and I can’t finder better pictures, so SHUT UP ALREADY!

Potential crush #1: J-bunny Sora Aoi.
Good: she’ll appreciate that I know her breasts are real.
Bad: everywhere I go I’ll have to listen to dumb rednecks going “Ewww…she looks 12” (she’s 25) and I’ll probably be arrested as a pedophile.


Potential crush #2: J-bunny Sayuki Matsumoto.
Good: I love those sensual lips.
Bad: her name is too long to have to repeatedly write on restraining orders or alimony checks, depending on which way the relationship goes.


Potential crush #3: J-bunny Shoko Hamada.
Good: she looks good in kitty ears.
Bad: I prefer bunny ears.


Potential crush #4: J-bunny Ami Tokito.
Good: I love the geek-chic glasses.
Bad: Jay likes her, and I don’t want to have some suave dude like that lurking in the background waiting to de-bunny me.


Potential crush #5: K-bunny Hwang Mi Hee.
Good: she’s just on the list to show I don’t only lust after Japanese women.
Bad: she’s not Japanese.


Leave your vote in the comments section. I’ll eventually tally them and then I’ll probably choose Sora Aoi regardless of what you people say. The winner* will receive a marriage proposal and a lifetime supply of anal sex.

* legal disclaimer – must be a hot Asian woman to collect prize.


Monogram Queen said...

You and your J-bunny's Grant! At least you are consistent LOL

Avitable said...

I vote for Tokito.

SJ said...

I go with #1 I think you put her there because you wanted to.

Other wise its a close call. Crush them all I mean crush on them.

Jay said...

I don't think you can go wrong with any of them, but Hwang Mi Hee is best for you.

And Ami Tokito is best for me. Good call on that one.

tiff said...

Go for the K-bun. She's adorable!

Captain Dumbass said...

Geek-chic glasses!

Ace said...

Definitely #2. She looks like she could survive a bout with h1n1. The others are too tiny!!

Neath said...

Sora. Hands down.

Martini said...

Good choices. You've weighed the pros and cons even. Impressive. I say broaden your horizons and go for the Korean bunny.

Ricardo said...

All of them will do.

Grant said...

Monogram Queen - that's a vote for Sora.

Avitable - she seems to be heavily favored, although I don't really see the attraction.

SJ - I did actually put them in my preferred order, but I think I picked the wrong picture for her. Cuteness is her strength, so I should have used one of her smiling.

Jay - I should have recommended Ami Tokito for you.

tiff - but she isn't Japanese.

Captain Dumbass - she's cute, but I'm honestly surprised by the number of people who go for her.

Ace - she does have a rare amount of boobage for a J-hottie.

Neath - I agree.

Martini - but she's not Japanese.

Ricardo - that's another vote for Sora.

Robin said...

i feel dirty now...

April said...

I like the K-bunny best.

Grant said...

Robin - this from the woman who said my bunny needs would be met by a movie featuring a 6 yo Asian girl?

April - I don't speak Korean, so you can have her. Let me know if you want me to send you pics you can photoshop with your sex toys.

R said...

#4. Dude, those glasses are HOT. It may be the intellectual equivalent of a guy stuffing a sock down his pants, but I don't care.

Grant said...

R - the glasses are her signature look. I don't think I've seen a picture of her without them.

hotcelebrity said...

nice shot indeed...

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