Friday, November 06, 2009


It's way cooler than wherever you live.

Not a bunny

He's probably bummed because the selfish rebels didn't think about all the Stormtroopers that would be out of work once they blew up both Death Stars. Image stolen from here.

And just because I want to keep blog traffic up (I've noticed my hits go down when I post words instead of J-bunnies), here is another picture of hot めがね bunny Ami Tokito.


BTW, I just surpassed 1,250 posts. W00t!


Jay said...

Japan is definitely cooler than where I live. So are most places on Earth.

And Ami Tokito is a moderately attractive woman.

Whitemist said...

that is one strange picture, the other is nice.

Captain Dumbass said...

I love stormtrooper pics. And bunny pics. Stormtrooper bunnies?

Prata said...

I am a _huge_ fan of the glasses....I want one. =-/

Robin said...

Japan is insane, I've decided.

metalmom said...

Japan is way cooler. I wanna live there.

Ricardo said...

congrats on the milestone. Japan is a bit crazy. I still don't get why they censor their porn.

dr.alistair said...

i noticed my hit rate has crept up since i listed people who piss me off. i am up to three lists touching on different types of people who piss me off so far.

i`m thinking of diversifying into the different negative emotional responses i come away from in contact with different people. i find this extremely therapeutic and obviously people find it entertaining.

regarding japan, it is a very alien place to the west. we have had to nuke them once, because obviously we piss them off by being more comfortable about depictions of genitalia......

....i have to say that i did date a hot little bunny for a while a couple of years ago but she was more into control than pleasure....

i`m not sure about the stormtrooper pic though. it looks posed.

GreenJello said...

1250 posts by Grant?

Heaven help us. Or wherever Jebus lives.

Monogram Queen said...

and just how many of said post were about... j-bunnies?! ;)

You can have Japan - I have no desire to even visit there. The only place I care to visit is the UK.

Grant said...

Jay - I'm beginning to think you have a thing for her. Maybe she can be your new celebrity crush. Then you can visit Japan to stalk her.

Whitemist - there's nothing strange about a hot bunny with glasses.

Captain Dumbass - how do we know that there isn't a hot Japanese woman inside of the armor?

Prata - if you get her for me, I'll let you have the glasses.

Robin - yes, but that makes it interesting.

metalmom - I don't think I'd want to live there. Can you visit and just bring me back some women? They're small and should fit in your luggage.

Ricardo - I do think it's oddly inconsistent that they allow bestiality, but pixilate the genitalia.

dr.alistair - explicit penis pics - so THAT explains WWII.

GreenJello - I have only just begun to bunny.

Monogram Queen - according to the tags, 163 (tied for first place).