Friday, October 02, 2009

Now it’s dark

#9 is Frank Booth played by Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet

The good: he’s an artist who expresses his artistic vision in profanity.
The bad: he likes to fantasize that he’s raping his mother.
The ugly: he drinks Pabst Blue Ribbon, the sick bastard.
Best line: “Baby wants to fuck! Baby wants to fuck Blue Velvet!”

Similar to Raul Duke, he ingests loads of drugs and alcohol and pretty much every single thing he utters is quotable, although not in polite company, by which I mean truckers, bikers, or Satan. “One thing I CAN’T FUCKIN’ STAND IS WARM BEER, MAKES ME FUCKIN’ PUKE!!!” Yes – three exclamation points. He’s that kind of guy. And it’s not just that he uses a lot of swear words, it’s that he means every single one and he releases them with such vehemence you would think that he just discovered the concept on the spot. He’s also the only person I’ve ever seen who can get whipped into a psycho-sexual frenzy while listening to Roy Orbison’s “In Dreams”. If only it wasn't for the Pabst - he may be a drug-dealing murdering child-abducting rapist, but there's no excuse for drinking cheap beer.


Robin said...

oh boy, David Lynch has given me so many nightmares.

dr.alistair said...

lynch is the best.

you gotta see surveillance with bill pullman as an fbi agent following serial killers.


Jay said...

Okay, another sociopath. Interesting.

David Lynch rules!

Marsha said...

Yes, you're absolutely right. It's nearly as bad as drinking Milwakee's beast.

Captain Dumbass said...

Pabst. It's just wrong.

Monogram Queen said...

Dennis Hopper can be, well, er intense!

P.S. I love your suggestion about jumping LOL

Avitable said...

I've never seen it.

Grant said...

Robin - he's good for that, although I prefer Quentin Tarantino and Takashi Miike.

dr.alistair - Wild at Heart is also pretty good, but Blue Velvet remains my favorite of his.

Jay - I haven't posted a sociopath yet. Maybe they're just misunderstood by society at large. Like Dexter.

Marsha - or Hamm's.

Captain Dumbass - life is too short to drink cheap beer.

Monogram Queen - he and Christopher Walken would be fun to get drunk with.

Avitable - you're missing a great date movie.

Ricardo said...

Dennis must live forever. I heard he was rushed to the hospital and I got chills. He rules! I love me a good David Lynch movie.

Grant said...

Ricardo - he'll probably outlive me, so that counts as forever in my book.

Hit 40 said...

Blue Velvet was almost as dark as "the cook the thief and her lover" which is a very bizarre unrecommended movie by me.

Grant said...

Hit 40 - I'll be sure to not watch that one.