Monday, August 17, 2009

What bunny teaches us

I hereby declare Sora Aoi the winner simply because, when it comes to determining who I think is the cutest, my vote is the only one that counts. Sorry, Hwang - you lose again. But I'm still willing to sleep with you.

Posting pictures of hot Asian women has taught me a lot about other people, namely what they know about women and what they think they know. What I have learned is...
  1. You know less about women than you think.
  2. Especially if you think you know anything about women at all.
  3. Especially if you are a woman.
Comments on my beloved Sora ranged from insisting she has fake breasts because they are bigger than the average Japanese woman to claiming she has a huge head and looks twelve. Note to self - check out the 12yo girls who live around the person who made that comment. We have a lot of fat kids here, but most don't have a 34 inch bust at that age.

So, the current bunny lineup in terms of hottest down is: my dentist, Ebi-chan, Sora Aoi, and Hwang Mi Hee. If any of those bunnies is reading my blog (yeah, right), your prize is waiting for you at my apartment. Before coming to claim it, don't tell anybody where you're going.


Aki Hoshino - 32yo Japanese woman with real breasts. NOT 12.


Jay said...

I don't automatically think Sora Aoi's breast are fake just because she's an Asian chick. I think they're fake cause they look fake. They're entirely too perfect to be real.

I also just did a "sora aoi breast enhancement" search on Google and judging from a couple of sites I found, I do still think they're fake.

But, tiny women can have large, real breasts. Giada de Laurentiis is a great example. She's tiny, but her rack is magnificent.

Aki Hoshino is damn cute!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Forgive me. I've taken a month off without learning more from the bunnylord.

Why do men think breasts are fake when they just look good?

Captain Dumbass said...

I live in a bunny-rich environment and can say from serious empirical research that Asian woman can and do have large breasts.

Not that that is important.

Hit 40 said...

Jay - Thank you for the manly back up!!!

Captain Dumbass - Interesting? I usually see flat bunnies. I believe you.

Grant - GO FIND A BUNNY!! And I know women... most can be nuts!!

Kira said...

I did Jay's search, and I found lots of people speculating on blogs about her boobs. They mention some picture(s) before she became a star, so I guess if I saw those, I might change my mind. All I know is this: the picture that Grant showed me of her nude has a certain slope rather than curve to the top of her breasts that you don't see with enhancements. So, my inclination is to feel that they are real. I suppose it's just possible that she got a really good job, but shoot--I know of one gal who was as flat as melba toast, and all she wanted were (American sized) A cups. A CUPS!!! And nude, you can still tell that hers are enhanced, even with that little being added in (and she had a really top doc do the job, too).

What I probably need is way more nude pictures of her. Then I could judge better ;)

Grant said...

Jay - I looked at a couple of those sites and could only find speculation. I think they're real despite my initial assumption that they were too perfect. That pretty much describes her overall.

Enemy of the Republic - in the case of Japanese models (especially AV stars), it's so common that I think we sometimes leap to conclusions.

Captain Dumbass - sounds like material for a good picture post.

Hit 40 - I think most of them are on the small side, but the ones with any breast material are absorbed by the entertainment industry.

Kira - from what I've read and seen, she started modeling at age 18 and was always large-breasted. She just grew a cup size (remember, this is the Japanese metric cup size - she went from an F to a G cup)(by comparison, Jun is a C cup) by the time she hit 20.

SJ said...

Since I am not especially a woman I think this wasn't me.